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• The Lin Family Shop (Linjia puzi)
Description: A 1959 film based on the novella "The Shop of the Lin Family," by Mao Dun (1896-1981). The story takes place in a village in Zhejiang Province in 1931, the year the Japanese invaded Manchuria. Students have started a nationwide boycott of Japanese-made products, but Shopkeeper Lin merely re-labels his Japanese goods in order to stay in business. Lin must resort to every type of underhanded business practice to keep his shop afloat. When his own daughter is threatened by the amorous advances of the chief of police, Lin decides it is better to give up-he closes down his shop and flees his daughter. But the people who really suffer are those he leaves behind. The poor widows who had entrusted their money to his shop's small bank are left totally destitute. Directed by Hua Shui. (Order# CMV-054. $44.95.)
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Resource Type: Film/Video
Time Period: 1900-1945
Subject: Literature; Society and Culture
Country: China